Multi Text Responding

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Multi Text Responding

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Multi Text Responding

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StaffScheduleCare's Mass Messaging has the capability to allow employees to reply to shift offers in a random order.

By using the Shift ID number, the employee can respond to any shift instead of last in first out sequence.


The Multi Text feature is only available with either First in First (Sliding) and Broadcasting dispatch methods.



Multi Texting Setup


Select the Config menu.

Select the Setup menu.


HTML5 - Navigate Config Setup


Select Call Responses.


HMTL5 - Navigate Call Response(s)


To activate this option, tick the check box shown below:


MMH - Text response on callo response screen



prod_tip         Configuration Tip

The numeric Accept or decline option is disabled and will only apply to phone calls.




tog_minusAccept / Decline Shifts
tog_minusSystem Booked Responses
tog_minusScheduler Applications
tog_minusMulti Texting on Reports

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