Supervisor Override

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Supervisor Override

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Supervisor Override

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This feature allows a supervisor / scheduler to override the Mass Messaging to accept for an employee after the time period has expired.


In our example we are going to follow Henry Dassen. A text was sent to him at 11:30am.


MMH - EE for supervisor OR


Here you can see Mass Messaging has moved on to the next employee Chris Hain.


MMH - SO next employee



Henry Dassen calls in AFTER the 11:36am expiration time to accept the shift.


MMH - SO response time expired


The supervisor can override the system:


Highlight the employee who has called in.

Click on Accept.


MMH - SO action dropdown


A message will appear noting that this offer is not waiting for the employee to respond.

Click Yes to continue.


MMH - SO not waiting popup


The system will display a message to let you know the action is now waiting to be processed.


MMH - SO request in queue popup


Henry Dassen’s status changed to Booked. The Pencil icon indicates this was done with the Supervisor Override feature.

A message was sent to Henry confirming he is booked for the shift.

MMH - SO - employee is booked


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