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HR Features - Add in Grievance Sub-Men

Found in: Personnel / HR Information / Grievances


User can add new records with Date, Type, Complements and a Comment.

Type is configured under Config / Setup / Additional Tables

The user has the ability to add Attachments.


HR Features - Central Attachments Screen

Found in: Personnel / HR Information / Attachments


Attachment menu added as a central location to view any documents that have been uploaded for the selected employee.


Reports - Add Checkbox under Attendance Analysis Report

Found in: Reports / Admin Reports / Attendance Analysis Report


Add checkbox under "Options" to "Exclude AC listed below".

This field will cause the report to show staff who DO NOT have any of the listed AC in the chart below (therefore, showing perfect attendance).


Add User Notes into Daily Schedule Unfilled Shifts Report

Found in: Reports / Schedule Reports / Unfilled Shifts Reports


Notes has been added as a selectable column under Include. Notes will show any manual notes entered on the daily schedule.


Reports - Daily 1on1 Report – Departments

Found in: Reports / Admin Reports / We Check Report


Reports - Daily 1on1 Report - Department by Date

Found in: Reports / Admin Reports / We Check Report


Similar to Daily 1on1 Report – Departments but information is displayed by date.


Reports - Add Day Codes to HR Combo Report

Found in: Reports / HR Reports / Yearly Attendance


A new checkbox option Display DayCodes has been added to the Yearly attendance report.


Employee Profile - Inactive Employee - Active TSR Validation

Found in: Personnel


If the employee is currently part of an active TSR, the system now provides a warning that the employee cannot be made inactive. The warning provides the TSR number for the user to review.


Time Off Requests Report

Found in: HR Reports / Time Off Request Report


The user can now sort the Time Off Request report by Supervisor. There will be a blank Supervisor for employees not assigned to a Supervisor.


The Supervisors First Name and Last Name fields are used to identify the Supervisor on the report.


Mass Messaging Monitor - Ability to Override a Declined Shift

Found in: Schedules / Mass Messaging Monitor


Schedulers cannot override a declined shift and award the unfilled shift to an employee through the Mass Messaging Monitor. Note: the monitor will continue to show the shift as declined for auditing purposes.


OESA Time Off Request - Based on Active Schedule or Master Line

Found in: Requests / Time off Requests


When submitting OESA TOR request. The system will now use what is on the Active schedule to determine if a date should be paid or unpaid if the request period is within the employee's Update Period.


The Master Line does not influence any dates before the Last Update date.

Master Line is only used for Future Master Schedules to determine Paid and Unpaid dates.


Reports - Time Export to Excel - Add Summary Option

Found in: Reports / Time and Attendance / Time Export to Excel Report


There is now the Summary Only and Employee Totals checkboxes on the report settings.

The two options summarize the hours based on groupings, just like the Time Earnings Report.


Reports - New Detailed Audit Log Report Required

Found in: Reports / Admin Reports / Audit Report


The Audit report can now display a list of changes made to the configuration menus.


Time Card - Approve Day AFTER User Saves Manual Changes

Found in: Time Card / Hours


When the user makes edits to the hours. The user can click on Reviewed or Approve to also save the changes at the same time.

While the date is Reviewed. The user can edit the hours values. But they cannot save. They also cannot Unreview the date while they have pending edits.

The Review/Approve and Save only applies to the Hours grid. It does not Save any changes made to the Attendance or Punches grids.

The user can add Attendance Codes through the Review/Approve if they have the AC mapped to a column, and add hours through that column.


Master Lines - Add Checkbox to "Hide Expired Lines"

Found in: Schedules / Master Lines


There is a new checkbox for Hide Expired Lines.

Turning on this option will hide all Master Lines that have an expiry date in the past. If the expiry date is still in the future or if it is blank, the Master Line will continue to appear.


Adding New Shift. Default Values

Found in: Schedules / Master & Active


When adding a new shift on the Master or Active the Facility is no longer auto populated if the field is not a Required field. If the Facility is set as a Required Complement, then the field will automatically populate with employee's Home Facility.


Develop a method to handle the PWE premium paid on ALL PAID HOURS


Holiday Calc and Calculation Rule menu now support Provincial Wage Enhancement (PWE).


Reports - New Employee Turnover Report Users

Found in: Reports / HR Reports / HR Turnover Report


New Employee Turnover report


HR Report - Employee Grievance

Found in: Reports / HR Reports / Employee Grievance


New report added to report on information in Grievance Sub-Menu:


Reports - Seniority Report Missing Cell Phone Field

Found in: Reports / HR / Seniority Report


Cell Phone has been added as an option Employee Field in the Seniority Report.


Reports - Audit Report that include Schedule History

Found in: Reports / Admin / Audit Report


Added schedule audit options to the Audit Report


Reports - New Hire Date Filter in Employee Detail Report

Found in: Reports / HR Reports / Employee Detail Report


The Employee Detail Report can now be filtered by date range based on Birth Date, Hire Date or Seniority Date.


Holiday Calculation - Grouping by Worked Unit Required

Found in: Payroll / Holiday Calculation / Calculation Rules


In the Holiday Calculation there is a new option - Break by Worked Complement.



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