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OESA Time Off Request - Based on Active Schedule or Master Line

When submitting OESA TOR request. The system will now use what is on the Active schedule to determine if a date should be paid or unpaid if the request period is within the employee's Update Period.


AC entry for Dollars (Home Class vs. Worked Rate)

When the user changes complements of an Attendance Code set to Time and Dollars. The Dollar value now correctly recalculates based on the new worked rate if applicable.


SSC Payroll - Add a new column to the Benefits History screen - Base Hours

There is now a new column called Base Hours


Time Off Requests Report                

The user can now sort the Time Off Request report by Supervisor. There will be a blank Supervisor for employees not assigned to a Supervisor.


Global - Time Banks - Liability Design

There is now a new drop down option on the Time Bank configuration menu. It appears for both regular and OESA Time Banks.

The Personnel / Time Bank / Liability menu has been adjusted to display the Hourly Rate for the employee.


Employee Profile - Inactive Employee - Active TSR Validation

If the employee is currently part of an active TSR, the system now provides a warning that the employee cannot be made inactive. The warning provides the TSR number for the user to review.


OESA Rollover Issue with Frequency

When the OESA Time Bank has a Dollars Accrual Rule and the Separate Next Year Deductions is turned on. When running the Rollover processes, the Bank Last Update Date is not changed.

When the OESA Time Bank only has a Time Accrual Rules and no Dollars. Both the Bank Last Update Date and Bank Last Rollover Date are updated during the Rollover Process.

OESA Banks that use both Time and Dollar Accruals, but not Next Year. Both the Bank Last Updated and Bank Last Rollover dates are changed when running the Rollover process.


Global - Reports - Daily 1on1 Report - Security Users

The We Check report has been changed to the Daily 1on1 Report.


Global - Wizard - New Column - Validate Day Code Type

System rules sorting level setup has a new column Compl. DayCode Type which instructs the system to only use the level for shifts that match the Day Code type defined.


System Exception Groups. Relocate arrows and keep focus 

The arrows have been moved to be above the list. Clicking on the arrows will adjust the position of the selected Exception. The Exception will remain and focus and allow the user to adjust the position      multiple times in a row without needing to reselect the Exception.


HR Tools. Manage Evaluations & Training. Filter settings should save

The filters are now saved and reapplied when the user logs out and back in. Or if the user navigates to a different menu and back.


Time Off Planner - Default Settings

Default settings of Time Off Planner adjusted.


Reports - Clock Enrollment Report  

Clock Enrollment Report added. Report lists all active employees and their enrollment types.


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Time Card Exceptions - Time Card now refreshing correctly

Employee Panel List – Docked employee panel now remains on selected employee when saving

Seniority Report - The Decimals of Calendar Years on the report now display with 4 decimal points.

On/Off Premise Report – access to report is now tied to On Premise Security Function

Mass Messaging Lite - now selection checkboxes can be clicked and the Apply Button will be active

Time Card Exceptions Transitions – Moving to another screen with an employee panel will now show the same employee that was selected


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