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html5 General release 26.45



Shift Exchange Main Screen – Acceptor field

The Acceptor column has been added to the main screen of the Shift Exchange.

This will display the name of the Acceptor employee for each request.



Sort Option - No validation

Available in: Daily Schedule, Time Off Planner and Block Booking.   

It sorts by employee name without any calculations for seniority, availability, wizard rules, etc. 

HTML5 C2.5b - Daily Custom View and Sorting See Call In Sorting Options.




Proxy Login

How to log in as a proxy user.

HTML5 C0.13 - Browser & Login See Proxy Log In




Payroll Summary Report – Exclude Premium Hours from Totals    

Option for EXCLUDING premium hours in hours total but keeping them in Earnings totals.

Reports Library - Time and Attendance Reports See Payroll Summary Report



Time Earnings Report – Exclude Empty Records

Changed to exclude any employees/days that do not have the hours the report is looking for in Columns setup. The default is off, which will exclude days that do not have the hours.

New check box option to include all employees/days if they have activity. Even if they do not have the specific hours that the report is looking for.

Reports Library - Time and Attendance Reports See Time Earnings Report




Managing Popup Windows

Throughout the StaffScheduleCare software windows will open to allow up to perform tasks. These windows can be moved and sized on the screen.

Managing Popup Windows




Roll Dollars from the Time Bank to an UNPAID Alternative code

Applies to Time Off Requests. The unpaid hours to roll over to the unpaid alternative. The unpaid dollars will disappear.

The paid Attendance Code should display the max amount allowed by the Time Bank. The unpaid alternative should not have a dollar value assigned.

When the Attendance Code is set to Time and Dollars. The unpaid alternative only shows the remaining hours. The dollar value is not carried over.

New Attendance Code configuration has been implemented under time Bank Mode: Time and Dollars.

Please contact the StaffScheduleCare Client team for configuration.



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