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html5 General release 26.37



Browser Tabs - Display the company name of open sites.

With multiple sites open, you can click on the site's browser tab and move between the sites.

HTML5 C0.13 - Browser & Login See Multiple Sites.


Personal Information / Facility, Department and Type.

Actions Icon in each section has been replaced with a toolbar. Delete, Add and Cancel are now shown as individual icons.

HTML5 C6.1 - Personnel - Personal Info Details See Facility, Department and Type section.


Active Staff Requirements / Add New Shift on Modify Schedule(s) Window.

The user can now add, delete, and clone shifts. They can modify the shift details to be different than the current complements used to bring up the modify window.

HTML5 C2.7 - Active Staff Requirements Modify Existing Shifts / Add New Shifts section.



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